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“Despite my parents’ skepticism and my own hesitation, I went from selling $6,000 in my first 10 days to later becoming the #1 rep in my division and then moving into a management position with $475,000 in career sales. Vector has given me the confidence and knowledge to create my own success, rather than hope someone else does it for me. I went from someone who never looked outside his comfort zone to someone who does it daily.”

Pete Karney, Bishop Canevin High School

What’s the story behind Vector Marketing?

      • In 1949, two companies (ALCOA and Case Cutlery) started a joint-venture with the goal of producing the absolute best houseware knife on the market.
      • They succeeded, and the result was the first CUTCO knife, created with the help of Industrial Designer Thomas Lamb.
      • Two things made CUTCO’s knives particularly special.
      • For one, it has the perfect handle, custom designed by Lamb.
      • Two, its knives are made in America and come with a “forever guarantee,” meaning, at any point in time after purchase, you can send it back, and CUTCO will polish and sharpen it. If it’s defective, send it back, and they’ll replace it.
      • This is how the mantra: “Buy once; use everyday; never replace,” came to be.
      • So CUTCO had this phenomenal product, now, they had to figure out how to sell it.
      • At the time, the encyclopedia direct sales model was a popular way of selling products because it was very convenient.
      • You had a product expert visit your home, where you could try the product before you bought it, and the expert would answer any of your pressing questions about the product.
      • CUTCO adopted this direct sales model and worked with a bunch of independent companies that sold its products for them. One company stood out among the rest—Vector Marketing.
      • Vector Marketing was so successful because of its systems and processes, so CUTCO acquired Vector Marketing as its own direct salesforce.

My child can work-from-home (remotely). How does that work?

      • Our reps are invited to interview, train, and work 100% remotely. All they need is a laptop, cell phone, and an internet connection, as the position will require using (no cost) virtual tools and apps—Zoom, Skype, facetime, etc.
      • Our virtual programs have been developed over many years (and tens of thousands of hours) of effort, testing, and customer feedback. There is no difference in pay for a work-from-home (remote) rep than an in-person rep.

How does pay work?

      • Reps earn a guaranteed base pay of $24.50 every time they show Cutco to a qualified prospect, whether that be in-person or virtually. This is NOT an hourly rate. People sometimes think it’s $24.50 per hour because most appointments take between 45 minutes to an hour. This is incorrect, though. It’s $24.50 per qualified appointment given.
      • A qualified appointment is a one-on-one presentation with anyone who is over the age of 30, and either owns a home or has a career. 
      • We offer 10 to 30 percent commission with bonus opportunities all the way up to 50 percent, but our reps never make less than $24.50 per qualified presentation.
      • Reps are paid weekly through direct deposit or a check in the mail.

How do taxes work?

      • Your child is classified as an independent contractor, just like 36% of the American workforce (59 million people).
      • Independent contractors do not get taxes taken out of their regular pay, so they are responsible for handling their taxes at the end of the year.
      • Other popular 1099 jobs include Doordash, Instacart, and Uber!

What will my child be doing?

      • Responsibilities include: setting appointments, presenting products to customers, answering questions, and helping place orders
      • We provide growth-oriented feedback and learning resources to help each of our team members learn! 

Do you provide training?

      • Yes, we’re one of the few companies who provide professional training.
      • Vector offers a one-time, three-day comprehensive professional training. We’ll teach everything they would need to know to be successful at Vector and many skills for life!
      • From learning the Cutco demonstration to learning time-management, interpersonal skills, and so much more, they’ll feel ready to begin working at the end of training.

My child isn’t majoring in business. How will this benefit them?

      • The job is about so much more than selling CUTCO. Your student’s career path may not be a sales, but every professional should know how to sell themselves. Most of our representatives have no sales experience and do not plan on pursuing sales in the future.

      • We pride our business on the teaching of the professional skills needed to succeed in the workplace. We help students develop skills like communication, networking, time management, goal setting, public speaking, handling adversity, and so much more!

      • We work with people in all different fields and majors like pre-med, sports, engineering, psychology, and many more. because the skills our reps learn are transferable!
      • Through the professional development opportunities that we offer, we will help your student transform into the most confident and motivated version of themselves.

Can my child receive internship credit working for Vector?

How can I be sure my child can be a successful student while working with Vector?

      • Did you know that students who work part time have a higher GPA on average than nonworking students? 
      • Vector strives to teach skills to students that will inevitably improve their grades.

      • For example, reps set up their own appointments, learning time management from their first day of training.

      • The practice of time management becomes a habit, so representatives waste less time because they know how to reliably manage a calendar and schedule.

      • “C” students often become “A” students simply by acquiring these foundational professional skills.

      • By becoming more efficient, they procrastinate less, and productivity, parallel to grades, increases.


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