Instagram / Instazood Tutorial

By Owen Trapp

Part 1: Introduction ( Audio | 3:59 )

This tutorial is for setting up and automating your instagram account with Instazood.

The goal of this is to share with you what I know so you can use what is working for me and improve on it. I am going to keep everything as short as possible and post some screenshots, messages, ect, so you can use them to get all set up and figure everything out. The only thing I ask is that if you end up using Instazood you use my sign up link by clicking the link above or on part 3.

Some reasons that I am excited about this program:

  • Cost-effective
  • Opportunity to recruit people who are not on FB
    • Or may not have accepted your friend request
  • Opportunity to target networks you want
  • Less than an hour of work a week once set up and can generate multiple high-quality recruits weekly
  • Further brand your office
Part 2: Setting Up Your Instagram ( Audio| 2:36 )

Set Up Instagram:

  1. Make your account a business account
  2. Upload profile picture
  3. Choose your name
  4. Update your bio – hashtags
  5. Enter your form web address
  6. Connect your office’s Facebook account
  7. Get some pictures uploaded (10+)
  8. Follow some of your reps and have some reps & friends follow your account so you have a bit of a base.

Example of @MorrisVector (Not Saying it is perfect, you probably can do better but here is what I have):


Part 3: Getting Started With Instazood ( Video | 6:22 )

Click here to sign up for instazood.

What to sign up for:

  • Instagram Bot
  • Direct Message
  • Post manager

You do not need the comment tracker. The parts you need should cost $35/month.

Message I send:
{Hi|Hello|Hey } there! I really appreciate the follow. My name is Owen Trapp, by the way I run an office in Boonton, NJ, and we are currently filling positions starting at $18.50.

If you, or anyone you know is looking for work, they can request more info and apply on the link in the bio.( www.StudentWorkNJ.com/?r=5 )

If you have any questions feel free to DM! Thanks again for the follow, and have a great day.

Images Of My Settings (I need to change the comments because these suck):


Part 4: How To Build Your Followers ( Audio | 4:39 )

  • Follow current or past representatives from the towns / networks you want to follow
  • Follow school accounts that you want to get into the networks of
    • Most private schools have school accounts
    • Also teams or theatre or clubs have accounts on Instagram
  • Use the saved feature to save posts from people that you want to target once it runs through the targets you already have
    • Unsave them once you use them in instazood.
  • Once you start to build your network out you can go to the highschool accounts that you follow and see who your mutual followers are to target those kids and continue to build your followers in that network.
  • You can even follow some of the people on your Facebook Jumpstart lists or use the same tools such as maxpreps or honor rolls to start getting your initial targets together.
Part 5: What & When To Post ( Audio | 3:38 )

  •  Post daily by 10am – Multiple times if possible
  • Team updates and pics of things in the office on top of your base scheduled posts
  • Don’t ram the job down people’s throats – no more than one recruiting post per week (Stories are fine)
  • Have a post/theme schedule to simplify example:
    • Motivation Monday
    • Tip Tuesday
    • Wisdom Wednesday (Tip from someone on your team)
    • Team Thursday
    • Friday Fun
    • Fast Start Saturday