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Here are some common questions about Vector:

Should I Still Schedule An Interview If I Am Unsure This Is The Right Fit?

Of course. It never hurts to learn more and get a professional interview experience. 

This may be exactly what you are looking for and the opportunity may change your life but you never know until you find out. By coming in you can at least you can make an educated decision for yourself and fully understand an opportunity that so many people feel have made a huge difference in their life.

Simply put, why not? Just because you come in for an interview does not mean you have to accept the offer if you were offered a spot on the team.


How Does The Interview Work?

We run a group interview so that the manager can go through the position in full detail and anyone we bring onto the team fully understands every detail. Before the group portion begins managers sit down with everyone one on one, get to know them a bit and make sure they would be a good fit. After the group portion, everyone has another opportunity to sit down one on one with the manager again, ask any questions and they would be given a decision if they were brought onto the team and invited to attend training at that time.

Our number one goal is to make sure that every question is answered.


Is There A Start-Up Cost?

Of course not! We lend our reps products in a sample kit at the end of their training, which they use to present to potential customers during their appointments.

Reps never have to pay anything. They just return a sample kit when they are no longer working and can check one out when they come back over breaks. We also have plenty of contests where reps can win a ton of free things which are obviously theirs to keep.

Do I Need Sales Experience?

You don’t need sales experience to begin working at Vector. We train our representatives in house and as long as someone follows our programs we can help them succeed! What we look for in an applicant is someone who is positive, driven and coachable.

What Skills Can I Gain Working With Vector?

The job is about so much more than selling CUTCO. Your career path may not be a sales, but every professional should know how to sell themselves. Most of our representatives have no sales experience and do not plan on pursuing sales in the 

We pride our business on the teaching of the professional skills needed to succeed in the workplace. Some of the skills that we would help you develop are communication, networking, time management, goal setting, public speaking, handling adversity, and so much more!

Through the professional development opportunities that we offer, we will help you transform into the most confident and motivated version of yourself.

How Does Pay Work?

Every sales representative earns a minimum of $25 per appointment with opportunities for advancement based on performance. The average appointment lasts approximately one hour. Whether or not a representative makes a sale, they are guaranteed $25 per appointment. If a representative makes sales, and 10% of their weekly sales exceed the pay of $25 per appointment, the representative is paid commission instead.

Think of the base-pay as a floor to stand on, but there’s no ceiling! (AKA our reps never make less than $25 per appointment, but most of our employees make much more!)

What Is Cutco?

Cutco is a line of high-quality kitchen cutlery, cookware, flatware, and a few outdoor items and accessories. It is made in the United States, has been around for over 70 years and is awesome. Our customers love it. We have over 19 million referred customers in the US alone. Over 90 percent of them rate the product a perfect 5/5 stars.

How Does Training Work?

Vector offers a one-time, two-day comprehensive professional training. We’ll teach you everything that you would need to know to be successful at Vector and many skills for life! From learning the Cutco demonstration to learning time-management, interpersonal skills, and so much more, you’ll feel ready to begin working at the end of your training.

Who Would I Present To?

Representatives start with paid practice appointments presenting to people you know so you can become more comfortable and gain experience. At the end of every presentation you would ask your customer who they know that might be nice enough to sit down with you, so you work off a referral basis. Our representatives average 5 referrals per appointment, meaning it creates a self sustaining network. Once you gain enough experience, we also offer other avenues to create business for our reps from our fair and show program, service call leads or our business gift program.

Why Does Vector Work With So Many Students?

We offer extremely flexible schedules that allow our students to choose how often they would like to work based around their class schedules, other jobs, time with friends and family, etc. We also offer an amazing scholarship opportunity that students can work towards winning, called the All American Scholarship. 100 students are awarded this opportunity each year based on their hard work with our company. What we have found is that students are looking for the opportunity to earn what they are worth while building impressive resume and real world skills. We look for people who are fun, positive, driven and coachable to join our team. While we are popular among students, we have plenty of opportunity on our team for people who are not students as well.



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