Office Admin / AMIT Training

This is a work in progress to better organize and compile resources to help better prepare our staff. If you have any ideas of things to add or ways to improve please let us know!

Important Links / Logins

Here is a list of important links and logins in order to access everything you would need for the office.

Google Drive - Documents

The office’s google drive has all the documents you will ever need. Use the search function for easy access.

Link: www.Drive.Google.Com

Login: VectorStaff@gmail.com | Password: cutcoteam21

Link to our google drive. (Click Here)


MightyText - Texting Applicants
This is where we send texts from the office’s account. Use the office’s google account to access. Use the chrome browser to ensure max performance.

Link: https://mightytext.net

Login: VectorStaff@gmail.com | Password: cutcoteam21

Facebook JumpStart Info
Documents, messages, responses, ect for FB JumpStart Program.


Office ConveYour
VectorLive - Scheduling Applicants
Link: www.VectorLive.com

When you create an account you will receive an email with your login and password. Make sure to change it when you first login.

If your account is not working for any reason you can use my login: otrapp | Cutcoteam21 (capital C)

Optimum - Voicemail / Internet
WIFI: Morris Mayhem | P: cutcoteam21

Optimum.net Login: Vector123 | P: cutcoteam21
(Check voicemail, call history, ect.)

Campus Documents

Communication tool and documents pertaining to campus recruitment.


Login: owentrapp @gmail.com | P: Cutcoteam22 (with capital C)

Cutco Manager Email
For communication with schools / clubs.


otrapp@cutcomanager.com | Cutcoteam21

Recruiting / Office Admin Longer Lessons:

Recruiting / Office Admin Mini Lessons:

AMIT Video Lessons